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With the seasons changing and the weather cooling off, many of us are starting to stay indoors more and cozying up by the fire. So naturally you may be paying more attention to the style of your fireplace -- for good or bad. Fireplaces are normally a big focal point of the rooms they warm, so having one that stands out in a BIG way can make a huge impact.

About this time last year was when we grew tired of looking at our outdated fireplace in Colorado Springs and decided to draw up some plans to create something new and fresh. But lots of fireplace remodel projects can be expensive, and hiring a contractor wasn't in the cards for us at the time. After researching a few DIY ideas, I landed on a faux cement fireplace look and contacted Portola Paints about their Roman Clay product -- a paint product easily applied with a trowel to create the faux-cement look I was going for. After my husband demo'd and rebuilt the fireplace structure with simple sheetrock & fire-proof materials, he applied the Roman Clay to create a stunning finish. I was so in love!

MMHCO Fireplace Design, pre-styled

So when Redfin content creator Mike Cahill reached out to me recently to be featured in his blog article "Budget-Friendly Fireplace Remodel Ideas" by providing some affordable tips, I happily told him about Portola's Roman Clay products. To further modernize the fireplace, I also suggested forgoing the mantle to showcase a more minimalist look.

What an honor to be featured among so many talented design professionals! They each offered great ideas, so be sure to read the article if you are also contemplating a fireplace refresh for your home. Even just changing up your decor with new items or ones you already have on hand can create a beautiful transformation. Consider fur or knitted textures, a splash of holiday color, season-appropriate greenery and artwork to set off the space.

Closer Look at MMHCO Fireplace Design & Styling

As we settle into our new home in Pagosa Springs, CO I am again getting the itch to change up a few things design-wise and our fireplace is definitely on the list! All in due time. Until then, I'll be warming my feet by the fire and staying inspired by our wonderful design community.

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Modern Mudroom Remodel

When I first set out to design our own mudroom remodel, I never thought about the possibilities of having my work published on a national design blog. Having started an Instagram account for Modern Mountain Home Co in January 2019 to track my DIY projects and share my love for interior design, I knew there were countless talented bloggers out there so it felt nearly impossible to get my work noticed. I mean, what are the odds?

So when an editor from Apartment Therapy, a well-known home and decor site, reached out to me in November 2019 I was absolutely thrilled! Stunned actually. I quickly realized my photog skills of this renovation project were sub par and went into a bit of a panic mode, but nonetheless I was able to gather some shots and submit my work for review. How exciting!

There were no guarantees of being published, so I just had to patiently wait to see if I made the cut. I probably checked my email three times a day to see if I had an approval. But with the holidays in full swing and my excitement waning, I eventually conceded that maybe my photos were in fact too terrible to be used online and that my design just wasn't what they were looking for.

Want to know something funny? I actually did make the cut, but didn't even realize it until I was creeping their site in early January! And there it was, my Mudroom Makeover project in all of its online glory - Before and After: This $1200 Entry/Laundry Room Is Organization Goals. Whaaaa? I could NOT believe my eyes! And it had been published back in December 2019 (insert facepalm here).

It was a pretty cool moment, even if I was a month behind on the news ;). I think the biggest showstopper from this design was the dark shiplap wall we added to create some interest in the space. Mudrooms don't have to be boring, right? We went with Benjamin Moore's After Midnight for the paint color to give some contrast to the white walls in the rest of the room. I love walking into the house from the garage and seeing this wall first thing, it has such a calming effect with clean lines and modern accents.

Shiplap Wall

To keep the space more open, we designed a modern floating bench in front of the shiplap wall and added woven baskets underneath for shoe storage. Hooks and knobs with gold accents were installed for coats and bags, making it easy for our family of 5 to organize our belongings when we come and go. I'm all about the cement-look trend right now, so I was able to find an affordable tile from Home Depot that would be easy to keep clean. I mean, that herringbone pattern - love!

Modern Floating Bench

The laundry side was kept light and bright, with lots of organization to keep this small room uncluttered. The countertop was built out of the same material as the floating bench, new uppers were installed for storage, and a new sink vanity offered more functionality to the space. We didn't want to mess with the electrical side of things, but I was able to add a beautiful globe wall sconce using a puck light trick that can be turned on and off with a remote. Perfect for leaving a little light on when out and about after dark (and to remind myself I still have a load of laundry to finish ha!).

Laundry Room Remodel

To see the Before and After pictures of this home remodel project, head over to the Apartment Therapy article here. What do you think of this mountain modern design? For information on product sources, email modernmountainhomeco@gmail.com.

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