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Fireplace Remodel on a Budget, New Feature on Redfin

With the seasons changing and the weather cooling off, many of us are starting to stay indoors more and cozying up by the fire. So naturally you may be paying more attention to the style of your fireplace -- for good or bad. Fireplaces are normally a big focal point of the rooms they warm, so having one that stands out in a BIG way can make a huge impact.

About this time last year was when we grew tired of looking at our outdated fireplace in Colorado Springs and decided to draw up some plans to create something new and fresh. But lots of fireplace remodel projects can be expensive, and hiring a contractor wasn't in the cards for us at the time. After researching a few DIY ideas, I landed on a faux cement fireplace look and contacted Portola Paints about their Roman Clay product -- a paint product easily applied with a trowel to create the faux-cement look I was going for. After my husband demo'd and rebuilt the fireplace structure with simple sheetrock & fire-proof materials, he applied the Roman Clay to create a stunning finish. I was so in love!

Faux Cement Fireplace
MMHCO Fireplace Design, pre-styled

So when Redfin content creator Mike Cahill reached out to me recently to be featured in his blog article "Budget-Friendly Fireplace Remodel Ideas" by providing some affordable tips, I happily told him about Portola's Roman Clay products. To further modernize the fireplace, I also suggested forgoing the mantle to showcase a more minimalist look.

What an honor to be featured among so many talented design professionals! They each offered great ideas, so be sure to read the article if you are also contemplating a fireplace refresh for your home. Even just changing up your decor with new items or ones you already have on hand can create a beautiful transformation. Consider fur or knitted textures, a splash of holiday color, season-appropriate greenery and artwork to set off the space.

Faux Cement Fireplace
Closer Look at MMHCO Fireplace Design & Styling

As we settle into our new home in Pagosa Springs, CO I am again getting the itch to change up a few things design-wise and our fireplace is definitely on the list! All in due time. Until then, I'll be warming my feet by the fire and staying inspired by our wonderful design community.

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